5 Simple Yet Fascinating Ways To Introduce Learning To Your Job

Could you recall that feeling when you learn something new?

Ankita Mehra 🤓
3 min readJun 17, 2020

When you learn a new word, a new instrument, a new recipe or discover a new place to hang out with your friends. You feel super excited, you find yourself on cloud nine. Don’t you?

Still, so many of us end up spending the entire workday just like any other dull day which is devoid of time that someone who is ‘curious’ usually keeps aside to learn something new. How can you introduce that charm, that joy of learning to your professional realm?

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You need to take a pause. You need to recall, rather realise that going through an insightful written material, having a good discussion and other things around learning are as important as replying to your connections on social media or listening to your favourite tracks on loop.

You must pay attention to what really interests you, what genuinely encourages you, instead of just relying on someone’s recommendation or having those multiple ‘Likes’ on a post. I have figured out 5 simple yet fascinating ways that can help you introduce learning to your job in a short span of time.

  1. Read articles which could provide solutions — try to find articles online which are related to your job or key result areas. For instance, if you’re a writer, try to read an article related to honing your writing skills or how to finalise a particular topic before writing.
  2. Keep your notes handy — try preparing notes around a task. Keep the Dos and Don’ts handy and you would notice that you can, very easily, simplify a particular task. Moreover, you can help your teammates too. For example, having bullet points around commencement of a particular project.
  3. Read a book related to your domain — if you’re into marketing or human resource management or product management and the like, there are hundreds of books available online for you to choose and go through. You would end up having some mind boggling insights related to your field. Those insights you could very well apply to your job accordingly.
  4. Try initiating a discussion whenever feasible — you could initiate a discussion with your colleagues related to a particular project or can request your manager to hold a discussion around a particular task to get more grip. You can start by narrowing down to addressing What, Why and How. This might help you and your team ascertain the core issues first which could further help you and your team in the long run.

Last but not the least,

5. Set new goals and track your progress — set new goals as soon as you cover your previous goals. Once you set your goals, try to have a proper progress tracker in place because it’s very important to quantify your work. For example, you can use a pivot table to track your progress in google spreadsheets.

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What’s crucial amidst all this? Have an open mind first to decipher what actually qualifies under learning. You can come across a lot of information, the unexpected ones in conversations with your friends, movies that you watch at home, social media’s feed, speeches and the like. It becomes chaotic sometimes when it comes to picking the most relevant content online to learn something new.

The best way is, try to maintain a coherent list of what you’ve learned lately or what you’ve understood as a professional, how you’ve applied that new knowledge somewhere and what you would like to learn in near future. You would notice something extraordinary, something stunning within a few days.

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You would notice that you’re slowly becoming more focused and are easily able to track your progress by setting new goals. Moreover, your contribution as a team player would be bigger, better and brighter! So, better get started and surprise yourself!



Ankita Mehra 🤓

I am a full-time content designer, working on websites, apps and communication. Love reading non-fiction books.