How We Met A Beautiful Stray Dog That Changed Our Day

This short story might add some hues to your day.

It wasn’t a bright day. Soon after completing my office tasks, I was eyeing my hot cup of ginger tea. While sipping, I called my friend and asked him if he could join me. He thankfully agreed. He took some ten to fifteen minutes to reach where I was.

So, I shared “what went wrong” and “what went well” with why this and why that for a few minutes. He is a good listener so he calmly kept listening to me. Amidst that conversation though, he abruptly suggested a long walk.

We both kept walking for a while and reached a beautiful temple nearby. Its artwork is stunning. Intricate patterns and statues usually adorn the walls and premises of the temples in South India. After getting over the dilemma of directions, we decided to cross the temple.

There was a construction site close to the temple. And there, at one spot, our eyes got glued. Our eyes caught a cute, furry, light brown dog. We both couldn’t utter a word. We took a pause, to notice his cute little paws. His heavy tail was wagging, his small bright eyes met ours and he slowly stood up. Started coming in our direction. His face was calmly rendering a whole new definition to the word “cuteness”. We were speechless. He saw us. We both saw him. And, in that very moment, we three were together.

This furry friend came closer. We were so thrilled that we completely forgot it’s a stray dog. We felt it belonged with us. This furry friend was looking at us with love. We were speechless yet again. We paid no heed to all those detestable noises that surrounded us. All those vehicles kind of disappeared. All those people in the street sort of vanished.

After that crazy halt, my pal spoke to me softly, “I so want to take him home.” I read his eyes. His eyes were so full of affection that for a moment I thought we could actually take this cute dog home. But, it was something impossible.

It felt as if the dog was smiling throughout. It felt as if he bumped into his age old friends. He liked both of us. Something I would always like to believe.

I am so glad as I managed to take his photograph that day. We still recall him often.

We love HIM!



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Ankita Mehra 🤓

I am a full-time content designer, working on websites, apps and communications. I fail often. 'Hotel California’ with a hot cup of tea - my weakness