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Ankita Mehra 🤓
3 min readDec 12, 2021

I remember, it was a sunny day. I was going through my office emails with a hot cup of coffee by my side. And, there it was — ‘An urgent email requesting the entire team to help revamp the official website’.

We huddled over a call to discuss what all we should prioritize and what we shouldn’t. For instance, we decided to keep the least popular product aside and decided to start working on the most popular offering immediately which was ‘Savings Bank Account’ as per numbers.

Our problem statement was — A very few users are visiting our official website as the content is mostly outdated. Can we have fresh designs with coherent content to achieve our core business goals? Else, our competitors will get ahead.

So, the priority-wise sequence of the web pages to be revamped was:

Savings Bank AccountBusiness AccountSalary AccountDebit CardsPaytm Wallet — and FASTag

It was quite imperative that we first understand our users’ pain points. Thus, we (the content team) got in touch with the product managers, the Customer Support Team, Legal, Marketing and Business Growth team to have a list of questions (in accordance with our products and their features) which we would like to answer via our web pages and consequently, elevate user-experience.

Following were those important questions:

a. Do our potential customers know how to open an account online using our platform?

b. Do they know all our popular banking products?

c. What are the unique selling points (in short USPs) of our products?

d. Do our users find our products secure and easy to use?

e. Will they be charged depending on the type of product and its service? If yes, then how much? Let’s be more transparent.

f. Are we solving most of their online banking problems?

Post this activity, we all invested our good time and effort to find out answers to the above questions and making sure we’re in sync with the RBI guidelines at the same time for it’s a registered bank.

Coming straight to the point now, what was our content strategy to bring potential leads and retain them?

Our content strategy below paved the way for potential leads:

  1. Clear and factually correct content with self explanatory photos (we used figma to design our pages and for iterations. For photos we mostly used our own bank app, shutterstock and took help from some of our freelance photographers)
  2. Build consistency and credibility (highlight the numbers)
  3. Determining our target audience for quicker conversion, for example, people between the age of 20–50 who earn and prefer online banking for ease
  4. Keyword research to improve google ranking (we used Semrush)
  5. Evaluating our competition like PhonePe and BharatPe, like if we found any gaps on their web pages, our pages must bridge those
  6. Selecting content distribution channels as per our products and services
  7. Created an editorial calendar to ensure we’re publishing regularly about our products and using web page links wherever feasible

We read articles on online banking, we picked the most common queries, we went through some great bank websites like stripe, jupiter and the like, and finally we all agreed upon a flexible structure comprising:

Heading — Sub-heading — Image or a video — USPs — Know/What — How — Why and — FAQs

Below is the step-by-step process that we sincerely followed for 6 months to achieve our goal:

The flow to launch the web pages

Last, but certainly not the least, here’s a glimpse of our discussions on figma while designing a web page.

A glimpse of how I was sharing my views on content and design



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