How You Can Efficiently Keep Your Organization’s Cloud Cost Under Control

Ankita Mehra 🤓
3 min readJun 13, 2020

Have you planned to bring any cloud management strategy to the fore, for second half of 2020? If yes, then I assume you must have planned to manage your organization’s cloud cost too.

Apparently, cloud cost is turning into a big issue for different types of business. Gartner has estimated that 80 percent of business set ups will exceed their cloud budgets by 2020, mostly due to their lack of interest in optimization.

Rackspace CEO Joe Eazor in an interview said, “People have been somewhat surprised as they expand services that the cost of cloud computing is not as cheap as they were expecting”. Hence, it’s clear that a methodical fiasco has jeopardized the strategy to control cloud costs.

Having acknowledged this gigantic problem, it’s important that you go through these 6 innovative ways that professionals have suggested to keep your organization’s cloud cost under control just like the most effective Lean Six Sigma approach.

1. Evaluating your cloud strategy – in a perfect scenario, you’ll surely ponder over your cloud strategy and would prefer ascertaining the bigger picture. Having a crisp strategy in place is the one and only way to ensure cloud cost optimization. Find a cloud consultant as soon as possible, the one you could trust and understand how you can strategically move to the cloud that’s aligned with your business vision.

2. Knowing your App’s architecture- once you’re fully aware of the overall cloud strategy, get into knowing how individual apps are structured. Your app should be ideal for your cloud environment and must assist you augment the other cloud possessions you are using.

3. Delivering weekly comparative analysis to track cloud utilization – you can easily set your monthly cloud budget and track usage as you take a glimpse.

4. Providing a breakdown of cloud costs- costs distributed between product licenses and computing to detect where exactly you can use a hybrid licensing approach to save hard-earned money.

5. Allocating cloud costs - you can allocate costs to the departments, projects, teams and the like for better visibility, control and approach.

6. Examining and eliminating waste - you can examine and check the allocated versus storage capacity and use computing to eliminate waste from the system.

Configuring your cloud infrastructure is as important as identifying the core issues time and again.

If you’ve hastily moved some or all your business to the cloud and it’s costing you more than your allotted budget, no need to worry. Working with a cloud consultant will certainly help you determine workable alternatives to reduce cost.

A cloud consultant can also help you decide in a way that helps you manage costs for various other projects. Working with a cloud consultant to optimize cloud cost will make you feel more confident while taking any decision before launching an app in this everchanging digital realm.

To keep cloud cost under control there’s a proper way which a lot of organizations usually fail to acknowledge. Hybrid Workload Monitoring is quite essential if you want to address failures before they impact your business.

Furthermore, by using cloud-based monitoring tools to keep a watchful eye on cloud and on-premises workloads would help you understand when and where to stop or start.

If your organization has been trying hard to keep its cloud cost under control, there is no harm in addressing the issue and having a cloud consultant according to your budget.

Once you get a hang of your cloud-based apps, you can also drive your digital marketing because digital marketing is more successful when it joins hands with cloud computing. You can have better insights, empower processes and operations, enhance data security, ensure high productivity, can leverage innovation, and last but not the least, improve collaboration.

More automation of operative policies to do basic cloud management is something of the utmost importance in recent times to understand advance cloud management.

Still worried about the cost of cloud computing? Get in touch with a cloud consultant.



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